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Chiral control of the scattering field by quasi-adiabatic encircling of an exceptional point

Manipulation of an electron in chains of quantum dots

Electric control of quantum spin tunneling

Machine learning application to some Quantum Mechanics problems

Quantum Mechanics problems

Optical phase transitions in photonic networks

Optical phase transitions in photonic networks.

Numerical simulation in design

Forecasting and problem solving in engineering  

Local fractional calculation. Challenges and prospects for application

Fundamental Differences between Global and Local Fractional Calculus

The domino effect

Cellular automata in computational chemistry.    

Single spin resonance

Microscopic Tunnel Scanning (STM) to analyze nanometric samples and study electronic structures using various techniques.

The Optical Vortex

Optical vortices are a strange light field, which challenges our intuition based on flat waves and Gaussian beams.  

Numerical simulation to failure of short fiber reinforced concrete

Numerical model applied in the study of a concrete block reinforced by short steel fibers.

Models applied to the design and coloration of the skin of the surubí

Coloring patterns on the skin of the surubí.