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Numerical simulation to failure of short fiber reinforced concrete

Numerical model applied in the study of a concrete block reinforced by short steel fibers.

Models applied to the design and coloration of the skin of the surubí

Coloring patterns on the skin of the surubí.

Leshydroleucodine, a lactone that inhibits tumor growth

Sesquiterpene lactone, dehydroleucodine (DhL) inhibits the proliferation of human tumor cells in in vitro cultures.

Characterization of Variable Lipschitz Spaces

Generalization to the context of the Lebesgue spaces of variable exponents, of a variable version of the Lipschitz spaces.

Industrial ventilation in closed sheds

Natural ventilation process of a large hangar through theoretical, experimental and numerical study.

Obtaining Bio-Oil: Characterization of raw material

Design and construction of a laboratory scale reactor.

Mathematical modeling applied to engineering

Dr. Mauro Innocente, Argentinean and professor at the University of Conventry (Great Britain)

Playing with the magnetism of an atom

CONICET researcher participated in the novel discovery in the field of nanophysics.

Nuclear and spin-rotation magnetic shielding

Effects of nuclear charge distribution on two molecular properties: nuclear magnetic shielding of NMR (σ) and nuclear spin coupling constant - molecular rotation (M).

Shad pepsin characterization and industrial application

Enhance fishing and fish farming in the region through the recovery of digestive proteases, with high industrial applicability.