IMIT arises from the consolidation of several research groups who has developed their tasks in the Physics department of FCENA-UNNE and whose research converged on the two central aspects that identify the Institute: Modeling and Technological Innovation.

It was originally thought to participate in association with other groups in the country. However, when appears the conditions creating new Executive Units like CONICET policy, it was decided to boost its inception, as it had the minimum conditions for it.

IMIT was created in a place without scientific tradition in its work area, as there wasn`t in NEA region any UE from CONICET with research lines in large areas of physics and chemistry. It was therefore considered that the establishment of this Institute would enhance the growth and consolidation of human resources working in research areas focused on Physical and Natural Sciences.

Arguably one of the cornerstones for the creation of this Institute was the development of the doctoral thesis from who is currently the director of this institute (1985-2001) who with grant from CONICET did a doctorate "remote" in the UBA .

Some of his works were congregating students from FCENA Degrees in Physics and Chemistry. The unconditional support of researchers from the fields of physics and chemistry with residence in Buenos Aires and La Plata , who made several doctoral theses with appropriate level, so that the newly doctorates could entering the CIC of CONICET.

All of them have Contributed to choose this place and continue his scientific career here.