Concentrate and promote, a great part of the scientific investigations that are developed in the North-east of Argentina, in areas related to Physics; and others in an interdisciplinary way with Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry.


Establish a Computer Center that be among the most powerful of the NEA. The intention is to cover the basic needs of intensive use of computers for predictive and modeling studies of the working groups that comprise it. Services to the environment will also be provided as required and according resources available.


1 - Develop physical-mathematical models that allow to predict, reproduce and understand the evolution of physical, natural or social systems of very different types. Provide an understanding of the evolution of complex processes that require the use of modern modeling and calculation tools.

 2 - Develop theoretical and experimental works. It is to be expected that, in the beginning, the theoretical area will be one with the greatest production, since this Institute is basically supported by groups with a strong tradition in theoretical developments. However, it is intended to give special support to the consolidation of experimental lines of study like, in the beginning, to the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology as well as to renewable energies, Atmosphere Physics and applied Electromagnetism.

 3 - Promote, when it is be advisable and feasible, the interdisciplinary work. The interdisciplinary approach to complex problems will be considered one of the Institute's priorities.