Dr. Aucar get Honorable Mention

Dr. Gustavo Aucar get Honorable Mention "Senator Domingo Faustino Sarmiento"  

This mention is the recognition of the Honorable Argentinian Senate to either individuals or cultural, sports, professional and academic entities, for their entrepreneurial work aimed to improving the life quality of their communities.

The presentation emphasized the very important effort to who works at the Northeastern region (NEA) and is recognized at national and international level as well as his contributions to human resources training of degree and postgraduate, related with the Secondary School which allows to promote scientific vocations in young people of region NEA.

 The event was attended by Delfina Veiravé Rector of the Northeastern University who highlighted the generosity of Aucar in the training of students in the Faculty of Exact, Natural and Surveying Sciences. «For us it is an honor that Dr. Aucar has studied and belongs to our university» She said.