XVII National Week of Science and Technology

Multiple activities were held on the occasion of the XVII National Week of Science and Technology.

In the framework of a new edition of Science Week, the Institute of Modeling and Technological Innovation (IMIT - CONICET - UNNE) jointly with the Postgraduate Secretariat of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and Surveying (SIP-FaCENA - UNNE) and the Institute of Basic and Applied Chemistry of Northeast Argentina (IQUIBA-NEA CONICET - UNNE) carried out a series of outreach activities in adherence to the event that seeks to awaken scientific vocations.The Science Week lasted from September 9 to 13, where researchers, fellows and support staff prepared talks, workshops, guided visits to laboratories and experiences at stands in their various areas of knowledge for teachers, youth, children and the public in general they could learn about their scientific work.

We were visited by more than 500 students from high schools in the Capital and the interior of Corrientes.