Seminar cycle

Pyrolysis of lignocellulosic waste to obtain Bio-Oil

The chemical engineer Alfredo Sequeira, of the QUIMOBI group, offered a seminar where he presented a research project aimed al obtaining Bio-Oil from the decomposition of lignocellulosic waste.

Attached summary of the presentation

Biomass was the first fuel employed by the mankind and was also main one until the industrial revolution, historical moment from which it was replaced by oil derivatives.

Nowdays, the shortage and costs of petroleum derivatives has made that the biomass resume a prominent role as an energy sourse boths industrial and domestic aplications.

Generally it is acepted that the heating value varies between 3000kcal/kg y 3500kcal/kg (12,55Mj/kg y 14,66Mj/kg) in lignocellulosic waste and betwenn 2000kcal/kg y 2500kcal/kg (8,36Mj/kg y 10,46Mj/kg) in urban waste, boths of them generated by antropogenic ativities.

The purpose of this presentation is to announce a research proyect aimed to venturing into the optimization of bio-oil obtention (average heating value of bio-oil is 6680kcal/kg – 28Mj/kg) using lignocellulosic waste generated from antropogenic activities linked to agro-industrial production in NEA region. Furthermore the use of bio-oil will be studied boths like biofuel and as a raw material in the production of relevant organic compound.