Photons in intertwined states

Dr. Mónica Agüero won the Giambiagi 2014 Award for best dissertation in physics.

The experimental study of Bell inequalities is the central element to decide whether local realism (LR) or quantum mechanics is the scenario that provides a consistent description of nature. The results obtained in the majority of experiments conducted to date violate any of the forms of inequalities in Bell, showing that the LR is not valid in nature, at least on the microscopic scale.

However, in all the experiments they require additional assumptions for interpreting data, leaving a margin for doubt. Known as «Gaps» experimental problems (called loopholes in English) are caused by the inevitable imperfections of a real device, that leave space for models that are in accordance with the LR reproduce the observed results. Experiments of rationale presented in this talk seek to refute or disclose the existence in nature (classical, as opposed to quantum) local realistic theories not ergodic. Photon polarization with the data acquisition time-resolved-interlaced were used in these experiments. The results of observations allow refute (or, at least, impose new and very severe restrictions) to models of hidden variables that use the so-called loophole of coincidences.