Mathematical physicist from Turkey doing a postdoctoral fellowship at IMIT

Researcher at the University of Pamukkale, in Denizli, Turkey, collaborating with the IMIT Atomic and Molecular Physics group

Today we want to tell you about Ali Bagci, a mathematical physicist from Turkey who is doing a postdoctoral fellowship at IMIT.

Ali comes from the University of Pamukkale, in Denizli, Turkey, and is an expert in analytical solutions to the Dirac equation, from which Relativistic Quantum Mechanics arose. He came to work with IMIT's Atomic and Molecular Physics group, led by Dr. Gustavo Aucar.

The collaboration began after having exchanged information about some complications that arise when trying to solve the Dirac equation analytically. These complications make it difficult to solve the Dirac equation for many-electron systems, in the way it has been done in the community for many years.

From this collaboration, a practical method was developed that allows speeding up the calculations. There is a complete atomic program written in the Mathematica programming language, the first results of which were reflected in the recent publication without yet being peer-reviewed,, which is open to community criticism.
Results for atoms with supercritical charges are also expected to be published shortly. Then it would be nice to transform the code to a more appropriate programming language, like Fortran, and then include Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) fixes.

Regarding the future of the research, Ali says "Our collaborations continue and I will be delighted to have a position here in Corrientes that will lead me to improve the approach step by step, eventually to a complete code that can be used by the community."