In relation to the Cheeses Line of Corrientes

  • Incorporation of use of native yeast in the production of regional cheese
  • Declaration of the handcrafted cheeses of Corrientes as historical-social and cultural heritage
  • Characterization of autochthonous coagulant enzymes
  • Scaling up native yeast.

In relation to the line of properties of industrial interest in autochthonous microorganisms of Corrientes

  • Fortification of handcrafted cheeses of Corrientes with peptides of antimicrobial activity already tested in order to obtain a functional food.
  • Evaluation of the potential anti-hypertensive, antioxidant and re-mineralizante of bio-active peptides generated by indigenous lactic acid bacteria enzymes.
  • Characterization of metabolites of autochthonous lactic bacteria and their effect on cariogenic microorganisms