Gimenez_CCarlos A. Gimenez
Atomic and Molecular Physics

Degree in physical sciences, title granted by the FaCENA - UNNE, currently developing the career of doctorate in physical sciences at the UNNE with workplace in the IMIT - CONICET; with doctoral grant from CONICET.

Research interests:
The research area is the relativistic quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics, focused on the properties of the NMR. One of the main objectives is to deepen the understanding of Relativistic effects, QED and Chiral molecular based on development and applications of models that describe these effects in a qualitative and quantitative way. Publication of reference: J. Chem. Phys. 136, 224110 (2012)

To highlight:
In the year 2013 it was part of the team of developers of the Dirac ( code).

Stays abroad:
During the months of May and June of 2013, he worked in the calculation of the diamagnetic contribution of the nuclear magnetic shielding (MRI) using a relativistic Hamiltonian of two components (X2C), in the laboratory of chemistry and physics quantum of the Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III) in Toulouse, France; under the direction of Dr. Trond Saue.