Seminar cycle

Methods of generation of random flows of fluids

Dr. Hugo Guillermo Castro gave a talk in the framework of the IMIT Seminars Cycle.


Dr. Hugo Guillermo Castro gave a seminar on an alternative methodology for the generation of random fluids flows in the LES simulation of the aerodynamics of a building in height.

Attached summary of the presentation.

Evaluation of the proper coherence representation in random flow generation based methods

The interest in synthetic methods relies in the fact that reliability of methodologies such as large eddy simulations (LESs) or direct numerical simulations strongly depends on how well the developed turbulence is characterized, which generally leads to computationally expensive simulations. In this sense, turbulence generation methods allow the initialization and up-keeping of the velocity fluctuations field to promote the observed/needed turbulence in the flow.

In this talk, the methodology known as ‘modified discretizing and synthesizing random flow generation’ (MDSRFG) jointly with a LES method will be discussed for its use in the study of tall building aerodynamics. A comparison with other generation techniques, that are closely related by their features and their conceptual origins, will be presented with particular emphasis on the correct representation of the coherence of the velocity field.